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The Product

If you have an estate planning, or a financially related web site, the Organizer is a perfect product to sell on your site.

We have performed extensive research on qualified demographic groups and found what people want to protect their families. They want help organizing their estate and assets in order to help their children minimize problems. The Estate Planning Organizer helps them keep all of their information and assets in place by providing them 4 complete workbooks.

  1. Explanation of Estate Planning: Planning and Preparing
    – We discuss and answer over 50 of the most common estate planning questions to educate and inform users on their estate planning options
  2. The Estate Planning Organizer
    – We outline the important questions that need to be discussed before you prepare an estate plan and also will save hours and time spent with your attorney
  3. Information for Survivors
    – There is a lot of information that children need after the passing of a parent, we provide a location for the parent to outline location of important papers and explanations of assets and crucial information.
  4. What To Do When Someone Dies
    – With a good outline, the trustee or executor can settle an estate much quicker and with a lot less expense. We provide a solid outline of what needs to be thought of to assist your attorney or accountant close the estate and distribute to the beneficiaries.

The Estate Planning Organizer is designed to help your customer think about important estate planning questions and teaches them how to organizer their decisions and information in order to prepare a solid plan of their choosing.

NOTE: The Estate Planning Organizer does not create an estate plan, or is it an estate plan, or do we promote any specific product or estate planning company.

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